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When I try to start a course, all I get is a blank, black window. What's wrong?

It's most likely a missing or out-of-date Adobe Flash Player plugin. Some courses on the MASC Online Training site require Flash - version 9 or higher, although these are being phased out.

I see a black windows with a small white ring near the top, but nothing else happens. What should I do?

Pop-up windows must be allowed for the MASC Online Training site. Each course needs to open its own pop-up window in order to run. You can allow pop-ups in your browser either globally or you can add an exception to allow them only on the MASC OT site.

What do I do if I don't see the course(s) I'm supposed to be taking after I sign in?

Contact MASC by phone at 910-762-9557.

What do I do if I have a problem not listed here?

Contact MASC personnel for support via email at or by phone at 910-762-9557.

All MASC courses and classes are available at every MASC training center. Click the address of the training center nearest you for a map.

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