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Basic Orientation Plus® Info

Basic Orientation Plus® (BOP) is a reciprocal contractor safety awareness training program designed to meet the classroom training requirements of the standards listed in the Code of Federal Regulations as enforced by the U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA in the components it covers.

The BOP classroom course is approximately 6 hours long. The BOP Refresher® is an approximately 2 hour lesson delivered either classroom style or in a computer lab.

A one-page outline of BOP® (PDF) lists the topics covered in the BOP course syllabus.

A BOP®/OSHA Chart (PDF) provides a comparison of BOP coverage to the OSHA standards information.

BOP® Study Guide & Workbook

Both the BOP® Study Guide (PDF) (also available in Spanish) and the BOP® Workbook (PDF) are available for anyone who wants to become more familiar with key safety topics before taking the BOP® course. The study guide provides short introductions to the topics covered in BOP®. Each discussion covers OSHA regulations and related safety precautions. The study guide is not a substitute for taking the BOP® course, but it gives students the opportunity to prepare at their own pace before attending the class. The workbook supplements the study guide with hands-on activities and sample test questions that reinforce the key concepts.

BOP reciprocal certification is valid for 1 year. A BOP Refresher is required annually to maintain a valid certification. Any student with a current BOP, or a BOP that is not expired more than 4 years, is eligible to take the refresher course to renew certification.

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