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What ARSC Is

MASC is a member of the Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils (ARSC). The association includes member councils from coast to coast, and over 400,000 people per year attend ARSC sanctioned training classes. All councils in the association use standard training materials for basic training, standard procedures for registering students and documenting training results, and standard methods for teaching classes and evaluating performance.

The standardization is so critical that third-party auditors visit all ARSC locations every two years to ensure each location is in compliance with all ARSC policies and procedures. The goal is to ensure that the training a person gets in Wilmington, NC is the same quality as that received in Bellingham, WA.

ARSC is governed by a board of directors, and receives input from safety professionals, training professionals, and an owner's advisory committee, comprised of representatives from all categories of manufacturing facilities.

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Training Reciprocity

The Basic Orientation Plus® (BOP) training, either classroom or computer-based refresher, is reciprocal. That means that all of the 24-plus MASC participating sites accept the BOP training. Attendees go through one high quality orientation that meets the needs of numerous sites, instead of wasting time sitting through redundant sessions each time they go someplace new to work.

Even better, for contractors working across the USA, the BOP training is reciprocal at any ARSC affiliated site. The basic orientation training is reciprocal in our region and across the entire country.

All MASC courses and classes are available at every MASC training center. Click the address of the training center nearest you for a map.

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